Our message

The meaning of life
As people we are made as relational beings. We can connect with one another, reflect on our own behavior and think about the meaning of life, for instance. Relationships give meaning to life. We are convinced that our ultimate destination is in the relationship with God. God has created us as a person, not to live our own lives, but to live out of the connection with God. In this life, but also in the life after this, in eternity.


It is God’s intention that here and now we have a happy and joyful life. How come most people do not know this real life.

Experiencing God.

Most people realize there is more between heaven and earth, but many people have never had a personal experience with God. The reason for this is that there is a problem between us and God. That problem is in our thinking and acting. As humans we are able to do many good things, but when you look at all the misery in the world, you see that we as humans are not able to live in harmony with people around us. We see that on a big scale, but also in our own lives. Even in doing good things, we often seek our own happiness. This problem creates a distance between people, but also between man and his Maker, God.

Because of our choice there is a gap between God and man


A good talk often solves the problem, at least when the problem is not too big. In case of a crime, for instance, it is not so easy. The victim or the family of the victim is not satisfied by a ‘sorry’ of the guilty one. Even when you are fair, the least you want is that somebody gets the punishment he deserves. Now, how big is our problem towards God? Is ‘sorry God’ good enough, or does it take more?

Punishment deserved

When God created the world, all was well. Man got responsibility for the world. As long as man was connected to God, there would be no death and man would live with God forever. Now there is much suffering in this world. God holds us personally responsible for our own mistakes, but also collectively for all misery in the world, because we are no different than other people and evil seems to have crept into our DNA. God calls this sin and He deals with this as we do with a crime. God is not satisfied with only ‘sorry’. The punishment that God accepts is that we die and are in eternity without Him. Result would be that no man would be left. Is there an alternative solution?

God Himself provided the ONLY way out… Each person is to choose whether to take that way or not, whether to believe truth or not, whether to seek that life or not!


God came with an alternative solution! That solution is the sacrifice of an innocent man. Somebody who does not deserve the punishment himself, but wants to take it upon him for somebody else. Who would be so foolish? Which man is innocent? Only Jesus. For His love of the world, God accepted the form of a man in Jesus. He lived life as God had intended. He did not have evil in his DNA. During his life He cared for people who were cast out by society, He pointed out the malpractices of the spiritual establishment and talked about a new Kingdom of love. The spiritual establishment wanted to put him to death. Yet He was not the victim of this, for He willingly let let himself be taken prisoner, sentenced and put to death. He ended up in eternal darkness and so Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

Problem solved?

Even before we could ask God, He took this step in the year 33 AD. It was His own initiative. Yet God wants us to realize that it was necessary for us personally too. Are you at that point? Let God know! You could do that with these words:

I want to come to You with my life today.
I am not better man than anybody else.
I want to ask forgiveness for my faults (sins).
The sacrifice of Jesus was necessary for me.
I am happy you came up with this solution.


As victim or relative of a victim, it does not just happen that you become close friends years later. With God, this is completely opposite. He wants to have Himself known by the Bible. He, the Maker and King of the universe, the highest spiritual authority, wants to adopt us as a child. He wants to make a connection with us, as close as in marriage. When you allow, He wants to lead your life by the Holy Spirit. Do you dare allow that? You could tell God with these words:

I want to open up my heart for You.
Please come live in my heart by Your Holy Spirit and renew me from the inside out.
Teach me to follow You and to obey.
Teach me to read the Bible and to understand it.