Beach Mission wants to have a positive impact on the lives of young people in areas with a lot of night life by offering assistance and by bringing young people in contact with Jesus in a life-changing way.

How can we help you?

Has your passport been stolen?

If your passport was stolen or if you need other help while you are on a beach holiday, then go to the British or Irish embassy or consulate:

Consulates in Barcelona

Embassies and consulates worldwide

To report something

If you have to report a crime or file proceedings then go to the police station.

  • Lloret de Mar: Carrer de la Verge de Loreto, 51,
    tel.: (+34) 972 368 888
    police lloret
  • Blanes: Carrer del Ter, 49,
    tel: +34 972 18 14 10
    police blanes

Has your telephone been stolen?

Localize your missing iPhone with Find My iPhone:

Log in to your iCloud account and use your Apple ID.

Localize your missing Android telephone:
Log in here to your Google account:

Help to stop drinking or using substance:

If you would like help to stop drinking, you can find an organization that can help on this website:


Free BBQ Chillout

Lounging, chilling, food & drinks, socialising, friendship, life story.

  • 17 July 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


  • 20 July 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


  • 24 July 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


  • 27 July 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


  • 31 July 2018 (6 - 9 PM)

    Lloret de Mar

  • 3 August 2018 (6 - 9 PM)

    Lloret de Mar

  • 7 August 2018 (6 - 9 PM)

    Lloret de Mar

  • 10 August 2018 (6 - 9 PM)

    Lloret de Mar

  • 6 August 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


  • 9 August 2018 (6 - 9 PM)


Shuttle service

  • Carrer Eivissa, Blanes
    Near diso Arena
  • Avinguda de Just Marlès, Lloret de Mar
    Near disco Tropics
  • Carrer de Carles Buïgas, Salou
    Near disco Tropical
Give a call / WhatsApp us: +31623454786.

Alpha evening

During this interactive meeting you will look together with other people your age for answers to questions such as: “Is there more to life?”. Have fun eating together. After that you listen to a short, inspirational story and discuss it together. No question is too weird to ask.

  • 9 - 10 PM

    After the BBQ Chillouts.
    (Excl 17 April)


Why are you doing this?

We do this because in our own lives we experienced that the relationship with god makes us happy. We have become convinced that our deepest meaning is in the relationship with god. God made us as humans, not to lead life on our own, but to live based on this connection with god; in this life, but also in life after this life, in eternity. We would like to share this with other young people in popular vacation areas.

Why among partying people in coastal cities such as lloret de mar and blanes?

You may not expect this, but we are finding that the question: “why am i here on earth” is important for many young people. This is true also among people in lloret de mar and blanes. In large groups young people do not always have the opportunity to freely discuss questions like these. At the same time, vacation is an excellent time to talk about it. Lloret de mar and blanes simply are very popular holiday destinations for young people.

We want to give young people the opportunity to discuss those questions with us – without any obligation. Our faith in jesus helped us in finding an answer to this question.

Is it meaningful what you guys are doing?

Yes. In some cases a discussion with a beach mission volunteer results immediately in a change in somebody’s life, in the sense that they decide to follow jesus. Often people need more time to make such a decision. A discussion with one of our volunteers can be part of that process.

More imporant than the results is the obedience of the volunteers to the call of jesus to make disciples of him. And that always provides meaning.

Are you being paid for this?

The volunteers of beach mission do not get paid for their involvement and for the most part they pay the costs of their trip themselves.

Are you managing to have a conversation with young people when they have been drinking too much or used substances?

Sometimes we don’t, but often we do. It also happens that young people get sober in no time in a supernatural way.
We are finding that god is in control. The holy spirit is able to break through this.
But with most young people it is easy to have a good conversation.

Is a week not too short?

Yes it is. The more people sign up, the longer we can go!

When you become a christian, are you still allowed to have fun, drink, and have sex before marriage?

Whether you are christian or not, you yourself are responsible for the choices you make. At the same time, your choices are often strongly influenced by the relationships you have. You always evaluate whether the choices you make, are hindering the relationship with your partner, children or parents.

This works the same in a relationship with god. And god will show you what and which issues are blocking the relationship between him and you. God does so by way of the bible, by your conscience and by the holy spirit.

But it is very important to take steps in this. That is what the bible calls “confessing your sins” (to mention what is blocking the relationship and say that you understand how bad that is for the other, for god) and “convert” (start going a different direction in life)

Our message

As people we are made as relational beings. We can connect with one another, reflect on our own behavior and think about the meaning of life, for instance. Relationships give meaning to life. We are convinced that our ultimate destination is in the relationship with God. God has created us as a person, not to live our own lives, but to live out of the connection with God. In this life, but also in the life after this, in eternity.

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